Tumble & Trampoline Team

Built on the principles of responsibility, hard work and integrity.

A Leader In Our Community

Tumble & Trampoline Team is a structured, disciplined program with qualified team coaches. Each coach brings their own styles of coaching and experiences, providing a diverse experience for our athletes! 

Building Better People

We strive to build confidence, self esteem, and the athletic skills necessary to be successful in a competitive tumbling program.

What Does It Mean To Be On Tumble Team?

Our team is intended for athletes who are ready to achieve more from the sport of tumbling and trampoline. Being a member requires more dedication and commitment for both the athlete and their family.

Meet The Directors

Amber Jones

Amber has enjoyed over 14 years of training in competitive tumbling, trampoline and gymnastics. At the age of 4 she began her competitive career at J & J’s as a competitive tumbler. Amber’s talents grew quickly in the sport and her passion for the sport helped her to master skills and levels quickly. She won many titles and awards during her time as an athlete including winning a Regional Champion title at age 7 prior to departing power tumbling to focus on competitive gymnastics at GAR in the TOPS program. During her intense training of TOPS, she gained valuable insight of how a champion is developed. Amber was taught how to push her abilities, talents and mind to the highest level through long & carefully planned practices, high intensity conditioning and skill mastery through drills. Amber looks forward to helping the upcoming athletes reach their potential through hard work, dedication and patience.  Amber’s understanding that all three components are key to succeeding in this sport. She continues to hold a love and passion for the sport and can’t wait to help your child experience this amazing journey too.

Venise Broda

I am the Gym Manager and have worked at Kids Spot since 2009. I have been coaching gymnastics for over 15 years and was an athlete myself. I strive every season to be better than the last by building a strong and confident team of athletes. All of my coaching staff is USAG certified and first aid trained. I also provide constant training for myself and fellow coaches to stay up to date on the latest techniques and skills. I will continue to grow and modify the program as needed to benefit our team as a whole. On a personal note my team kids are like my family! I truly enjoy my job and watching them grow in this highly demanding and rewarding sport.

Considering Tumble & Trampoline Team?

Drop us a line! Our Tumble & Trampoline Director, Amber, will contact you directly to answer any questions you may have.

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