Tumbling & Trampoline

Strength, agility, and coordination will promote the development of self-confidence and responsibility. Tumbling is truly more that just an exercise program.


Ages 6 & Up

Our entry level tumbling class is designed to teach the basics skills and technique needed to safely progress in this dynamic sport. Cartwheels and handstands, power and grace, this exciting class offers 45 minutes of nonstop fun and fitness.


Ages 6 & Up

Mastered the basics? Ready for a new challenge? Then this is the SPOT for you! Our Novice Tumbling class will continue to challenge your tumbler with introduction of limbering skills and handsprings.


Ages 6 & Up

Intermediate Tumbling focuses on mastery of the front and back handspring. You will see your athletes confidence soar as they conquer these challenging skills while continuing to perfect their basic skills.


Ages 6 & Up

This recreational class is for the athlete who has their back handspring and is ready to start working on tucks and a series of tumbling skills. Athletes will work both running and standing skills in order to achieve the power and strength necessary to progress into more dynamic skills.


Ages 6 & Up

Elite Tumbling is a 55 minute recreational class for the athlete who has mastered their back and front tuck. Athletes will be introduced to more challenging skills including layouts, full twisting somis, and whip series.

Tumble & Trampoline Beginner

Ages 6 & Up

This 45 minute class is packed full of action as your athlete learns the basics of both tumbling and trampoline. From cartwheels and handstands to seat drops and swivel hips, your child will have a blast while increasing overall body and spatial awareness.

Tumble & Trampoline Novice

Ages 6 & Up

Bouncing, flipping and flying high, this 45 minute class is for the athlete who has mastered the Beginning level and is ready for a new challenge! The Novice Tumble and Trampoline class will keep your athlete challenged by introducing flipping skills on both the floor and trampoline. Prepare for smiles as your child learns to master both the handspring and front tuck while perfecting all the basics.

Meet The Director

Kelsey Gorsch

I am the Gym Manager and have worked at Kids Spot since 2017. I started coaching recreational gymnastics and tumbling while attending college, then began working at Kids Spot after I graduated. As a kid, I was an athlete in our allstar cheer program and continued to cheer in college. I finished my master’s in education in 2020 and love utilizing my knowledge of education, coaching, and gymnastics to create a fun, safe environment for our students to learn gymnastics and tumbling, gain self-confidence, improve physical strength, and develop social skills. You can also find me working at Camp Kids Spot during the summers!

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