Built on the principles of responsibility, hard work and integrity.

About us

Our Family Means Everything

Our gym’s atmosphere is like no other. From our Big/Little program, to our team bondings, our national championships, and our community outreach, our team grows and learns together as a family.

Let's Move!

Competitive Cheerleading is a world like no other - filled with high-energy, hard work, and determination. Our gym embodies the teamwork and extreme effort required to be the best around!

All For One, One For All!

Element Athletics places teamwork above everything. We work together to achieve the highest standards of the sport!

To Infinity, And Beyond!

We know that together, we can achieve anything! With many years of national victories and titles, our team is always going full speed ahead!

Meet The Director

Derek Gaskins

My Name is Derek Gaskins, Director of Element Athletics, I’ve been an Allstar cheerleader for 15 years and have got to be on some of the most prestigious gyms in cheerleading, Cheer Express, Top Gun Large Coed and OO5 where I was able to compete with the best of the best!! My highlight moment was being able to win The Cheerleading Worlds 2 years in a row becoming a 2 time world champion, now it’s my turn to pass my torch on to all of my amazing athletes!!

Considering Cheer?

Drop us a line! Our Cheer Director, Kali, will contact you directly to answer any questions you may have.

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