Built on the principles of responsibility, hard work and integrity.

About us

Our Family Means Everything

Our gym’s atmosphere is like no other. From our Big/Little program, to our team bondings, our national championships, and our community outreach, our team grows and learns together as a family.

Let's Move!

Competitive Cheerleading is a world like no other - filled with high-energy, hard work, and determination. Our gym embodies the teamwork and extreme effort required to be the best around!

All For One, One For All!

Element Athletics places teamwork above everything. We work together to achieve the highest standards of the sport!

To Infinity, And Beyond!

We know that together, we can achieve anything! With many years of national victories and titles, our team is always going full speed ahead!

Kali Kupkowski

Meet The Director

Kali Kupkowski

I am originally from California and have been living in Illinois for 7+ years. I have been apart of the cheer industry for over 20 years. I cheered in junior high, high school, college and all star. I have been coaching for 12 years in Allstar and at high schools. I have also instructed camps and judges for USA cheer and STUNT. I am USASF certified in levels 1-6. I have competed as an athlete and coach at many prestigious events including IHSA state, Cheersport, NCA, UCA, D1/D2 Summit and many others. Although I have won multiple national titles including NCA and Cheersport; my proudest moments as a coach is watching my athlete succeed in all aspects of life(including attending colleges, cheering at new levels, achieving skills, overcoming fears, maintain high GPAs and more). I am excited to continue to coach at Kids Spot and continue building new bonds and memories with our athletes and families.

Besides cheering I am also a mom to my 1 year old son and a COTA. I have multiple degrees including an AA, AAS and bachelor in elementary education. I also have a lot of “random” certification such as lifeguard instructor, tree climbing instructor, scuba diving license, Archery instructor and many more. I absolutely love being outdoors, participating in water sports and spending time with my family!

Considering Cheer?

Drop us a line! Our Cheer Director, Kali, will contact you directly to answer any questions you may have.

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