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It's no secret - a healthy, active childhood is a building block to a successful life. We're providing kids with the physical, mental, and emotional building blocks to become well-rounded people.

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Mon - Fri: 8:00am to 8:00pm
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Gymnastics, Tumble, Dance & Cheer!

For over 15 years, Kids Spot's main focus has been active sports that any child can enjoy and benefit from.


Kids Spot Academy

Our philosophy is simple: Sports & Education go hand-in-hand. Our preschool program is changing the game, one student at a time.

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Over 15 years in the Roscoe & Rockton community.


Our playgroups start at just weeks old, and classes start at 18 months.


Gym Kids Classes are designed for the 3 - 5 year old child.


Children ages 6 and up will find both challenge and achievement in our school-aged classes.

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