Kids Spot Employment Application

Identifying Information

At Kids SPOT, supervising physical activities may require quick or unexpected movements including lifting or catching ("spotting") persons. Additional tasks may include lifting or adjusting heavy apparatus, cleaning gym or public areas, and moving heavy boxes and/or equipment. By my signature, I certify that I am able to safely perform the physical requirements listed above, to the best of my knowledge.

Please tell us about yourself! Kids SPOT employees are friendly, enthusiastic, and have high ethical standards. Tell us about your ability to meet these standards, as well as any qualities you have that would positively impact our programs, our clients, the other employees, and/or the community at large:

Availability Information

Please indicate the hours you are available and willing to work each day:

Employment History & References

To be considered for hire at Kids SPOT, you are required to supply at least two references attesting to your character and suitability for employment. References must be on file prior to decision to hire.

Previous Employer #1

Previous Employer #2

Previous Employer #3

Educational Information

Understanding & Agreement

I certify that the statements given on this application and during my interviews are true and complete, and I authorize investigation of same (with the exception of contacting my current employer if specified).

I understand that if I am hired under any false, incomplete, or misleading information on this application or in an interview, I may be subject to immediate termination.

I authorize the references given on this application and/or during interviews to provide any information concerning my current/previous employment and release all parties from any liability.

I understand that, if I am hired, my continued employment is contingent upon my cooperation with training and successful performance of duties during a new hire period of 90 days.

I understand that if I am hired my on-going employment is AT WILL, meaning employment may be terminated by either party at any time with or without reason and with or without notice. I further understand that this AT WILL agreement cannot be changed in any way except through a written understanding signed by the Owners and myself.

TWO OR MORE CHARACTER REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED FOR EMPLOYMENT AT KIDS SPOT. You must provide references that will attest to your suitability for employment at Kids SPOT, and they MUST be on file before the hiring process can be completed. Instructions are provided on the reference letter provided, and should be sent directly from the person of reference.

Kids SPOT Inc. is concerned with providing a safe and secure environment for our clients. In this light, we perform background checks on all employees, upon initial hire and upon the concern of the Owners thereafter. I understand and agree to these background checks; I understand that my continued employment is conditional upon the results of these checks.

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